Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic (MMHC) is contracted by the New Zealand Government through funding distribution pathways that include, but not restricted to the Ministry of Health and subsidiary health funding organisations. For example; District Health Boards, to provide specific kaupapa Maori health services to the following Porirua populations: Ranui, Cannons Creek, Waitangirua, Ascot Park, Aotea, Papakowhai and Whitby with particular consideration for vulnerable populations such as Maori and Pacific peoples.

Our Services

We provide five main services at Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic for our community.

We also provide additional services here at Maraeroa Health Clinic for our people, providing easier access in your local area.


The Well Child/Tamariki Ora 

We welcome all of our community and embrace the inclusion of you and your whanau.

We provide FREE health and well-being checks for your pepe (baby) from 0-4 years; visit whanau in the warmth of their whare (homes); offer support and advice, and practical education for you and your whanau; co-ordinate informative hui (meetings) that help whanau to be better equipped with skills to be successful parents/caregivers; we can do pepe checks in the comfort of our hauora (Health Clinic), if you prefer.


Contact our Clinical Lead and Registered Nurse:

Irasa Issako, at: 021 246 0085 or,


Contact our Enrolled Nurse: 

Bernie Haenga-Melvin at: 021 772 313 or,


Reception at: (04) 2358 000​

The Alcohol Drug and Other Addictions Assessment Triage 

We welcome all of our community that are in need of our service. We embrace the inclusion of your whanau in your journey to recovery.

We provide interventions, brief and comprehensive assessments and other interventions to assist whaiora (clients) and their whanau to wellness. 

We provide FREE support to reach your goals in your journey to recovery, for you and your whanau (family); professionalism in a supportive and welcoming whare (home/setting); support for whaiora to appropriate services according to their specific needs, both for AOD and other social or health needs; easy access to our four services that may also assist in your recovery; we operate from a kaupapa Maori base.

Contact our experienced AOD practitioners: 

Deane Johnstone at: 021 246 5280 or,

John Bracken at: 021 246 3823 or,


Reception at: (04) 2358 000

Find us at: 216 Warspite Avenue, Waitangirua Porirua - at the very back of our Marae

The Community Injury Prevention

We welcome all of our community and embraces the inclusion of your whanau in your journey to making your lives safer.

We provide FREE health prevention and safety information and specific programmes to individuals, whanau (family), groups and communities within the Porirua region; offer up-to-date advice about Health and Safety prevention to ensure your whanau are safe from injury and harm; home assessments to ensure your whare (home) is safe from preventable harm; connections with the right people and services that can help you and your whanau; informative presentations for local school staff and sports teams, sports clubs; and informative hui for whanau and the community. 

Contact our Injury Prevention Co-ordinator Findlay Siania at: 021 807 701 or, 

Reception at: (04) 2358 000

Community Health Service (Whanau ora)

We welcome all of our community and embraces the inclusion of your whanau in your journey to better health and well-being.

We provide FREE creative health education programmes designed by our people to meet their needs and the needs of their whanau; the programmes are held in a variety of settings such as: at Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic, our marae, and other community settings including whairoa (client) and whanau (family homes).


Our current regular Group Programmes are:

Mondays 10am -12pm -Innovative and practical kai (food) preperation

to help you and your whanau.

Tuesdays 10am -12pm - Kaumatua (older persons) exercise and health

education and health promotion.

At 128 Corinna Street in our hauora (Health Clinic) with the high pitched roof, opposite the Police Station.

Contact Kim Te Riini, our Whanau Ora kaiawhina, at: 021 772 906 or,

Reception at: (04) 2358 000

The Cervical and Breast Screening

We welcome all of our community and embraces the inclusion of your whanau to support you, if requested.

We provide FREE screening and education around cervical and breast for women and men, their whanau and the community; your screening can be done in the warmth of our hauora (Health Clinic) or in the comfort of your whare (home); if needed we also provide FREE transport and support if you need to see a specialist.

We provide regular after hours cervical screening clinics once a month on Tuesdays at our Hauora at 216 Warspite Avenue, Waitangirua Porirua at the very bac of our Marae.

Contact Josephine Campbell-Dorofaeff our experienced Registered Nurse and Certified Cervical Screener at 021 772 990 or,


Reception at: (04) 2358 000


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