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Maraeroa Marae Kaumatua Wananga, Friday 21 July 2017

To make the wananga a reality the Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic (MMHC) felt that it was important to involve kaumatua in the planning and design of this hui. Five kaumatua who all had a long association with Maraeroa Marae became involved and lead the process.

The event was refined to include whakawhanaungatanga and “story-telling”. 


It became clear that the well-being and well-health of our kaumatua is deeply embedded in their ability to speak about “who they are”, and also to be heard.  This approach proved to be mana enhancing for our kaumatua, provided us (MMHC) with information about the history of the Marae, Maraeroa Marae and its community and the motivation to set up the whanau ora service which is another story…

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