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Other Services Provided at Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic

Mirimiri & Rongoa

We provide Mirimiri and Rongoa as an alternative option for our community.

Our two nannies have provided this service for a number of years for our community, helping many with differing aches and pains, rashes, needing a place to relax.

This service is open to our community once a week.

Bookings are made by phoning reception at 04 235 8000

Currently our Mirimiri service is not operating due to the Omicron outbreak.


We will notify you when this much loved service re-opens.

Co-located Services

We have a number of co-locate services, services that coemt o Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic to provide their service for our community to allow easier access to a variety of services.

Optometrist - Mr Four Eyes - Ravi Dass

Ravi has been with us for about two years at Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic.

Ravi provides eye checks and health care at low costs for our community.

Clinics are fortnightly on Tuesdays from 9-4pm.

Referrals can be made through your doctor or you can call our reception at (04) 235 8000. 

Acupuncture - Leonie Keuh

 Leonie has provided acupuncture at Maraeroa for our community for about two years. She began with individual sessions with our whaiora (clients) who were supported by our Alcohol and other Drug service, as an additional therapy on their journey to recovery and well being. 

Leonie then opened a group Acupuncture session on a weekly basis. 

Leonie's Acupuncture therapy has been well received by our community finding many links to our Maori heritage for improved health and well being.

The Acupuncture sessions are currently closed. We will notify when they open again.

Sleep Well Clinics and Sleep Apnea 

The Sleep Well Clinics have been operating sicne the beginning of 2022 and has been well received by those who have attended. 

In the past the whaiora (clients) would need to attend appointments in Wellington and then another appointment at Bowen Hospital to be fitted for sleep apnea equiment. 

The clinic was started to provide easier access for our people, breaking barriers to better health and well being.

The Sleep Clinic and Sleep Apnea is at Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic fortnightly on a Wednesday. 

Referrals are made through your doctor, specialists, care providers...


If you are interested please feel free to pop in a visit the team on a Wednesday (fortnightly). Alternatively, you can call us at (04) 235 8000, to discuss.

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